Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fall 2014 - Halloween

 Now that fall is over and it's freezing outside I'm going through these pictures and feeling a little bummed. I love fall.

Pumpkin patch with cousins:

 I think this picture (above) turned out so hilarious. I sure love my kids.

 I went a little camera happy on Halloween

 Nora started out insisting on dressing as a transformer, like her brother...
But later, slowly, I got her to wear her princess dress.

 Halloween parades at school.
Scary little ninja.
 My husband rocks. It's never his idea to dress up for Halloween, but he does it for me and the kids. Here he is in a bat costume I found:

 I'm proud to call these people my parents.

 Halloween party at grandma and grandpa's.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Beautiful Day in October

 Here are a few pictures from back when it was warm outside.
We're sure going to miss days like these this winter...

Family Pictures - 2014

Here are our 2014 family pictures!
They were taken by the cute Emmy with Emmy Lowe Photography.

Here's a little sum-up of these cute kiddos, left to right:
Mason is our big first grader who has lost 2 teeth and he is always trying to wiggle the others, even when they're nowhere near ready. He loves all things LEGO, playing every sport that includes a ball and fishing with his daddy.
Grey is almost 1! He is the sweetest, most easy-going baby in the world. He's always smiling.  He is currently crawling EVERYWHERE and loves following his big brothers and sister around.
Jimmy is our super smart kindergartener. He has picked up on his reading so quickly and he loves going to school. He is super creative and loves building things.  He is very determined, helpful and he loves cuddling with his mama.
Nora is 2 (and a half) and loves princesses, superheroes and playing in the dirt. She is a climber and would spend all day at the playground if we would let her.  She is very social and is our little mother, always wanting to help take care of her little brother.


 This (below) was how most of the session went with Nora... She just wanted to do her own thing. 
I think this picture is hilarious.