Monday, May 12, 2014

"Taking Risks on Other People"

A phone pic of my littlest babes at the doctor's office.  She just can't resist him.

Having just celebrated Mother's Day, I have been thinking about my children and what kind of mother I want to be for them.  What do I want them to take away from their childhood?  I recently watched the clip below and loved it.  It applies perfectly with my thoughts on motherhood and what I want my kids to learn from me.

But, before I get to the clip, I wanted to jot down a few of the main hopes I have for my kids...

I want them...
 value their relationships with other people and with God.
 want to help people--to have a desire to leave places better than they found them.
 value hard work.  Great things rarely happen to people who idly wait for them to happen. Be proactive.
 love. I mean, really LOVE people. Care about them, despite their differences.
 always look for the positive, in situations and in others.  Life can get tricky and I think positive thinking and finding the good is key to living a happy life.

A quote from the clip below:
"I think it's important for my kids to learn how to work hard.  But more importantly, I really want them to understand that when they live a life focused on helping others, they're going to find fulfillment.  They're going to find much more happiness than [with a] McMansion in the suburbs."

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