Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy December! ...and potty training

I love December
But... I don't like the stress that the often comes with the season, so, this year I made a goal....
That I would be all done buying and making gifts before December started.
And I did it!
Presents are wrapped under our tree, packages are ready to be taken to the post office and sent to family far away and Christmas cards were all mailed.
Now, we're focusing on family.
And the more pressing matters at hand....

Jimmy is our stubborn one and hasn't had any interest so we've waited to potty train him.
And he was born super early so he has an excuse.
But, that excuse no longer stands when his baby sister starts wearing the same size diapers as him, that's where I draw the line.
Potty training time it is.
Have any tips for us?


-Danica- said...

Barf. Don't ask me. I'm the one with the kid dumping pee on her head and waking up to poop clumped in her hair. ahhhhhhhhh.

BUT, this article seemed like a good one:

ji said...

Good Luck! We just started potty training Lexi today and she is WAY easier then Casey was. It took over 7 months for Casey to be fully potty trained. The first day of potty training Lexi she's already going on her own and telling me when she needs to go instead of me pushing and reminding her to go like Casey. I hope Jimmy is super easy for you!