Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Wish I Were a Neat Freak

I am in major need of help.
Anyone know of some sort of class/website/person who can teach me how to consistently be organzied?
I have a problem.
I am overwhelmed and feeling a little bit like I want to lay down and watch all of Grey's Anatomy instead of getting a start on my house of total disarray.
I know I have some bloggy friends out there who are tidy and extremely organized.
Can you help me?
My husband will thank you.
What sort of tips can you share with someone as non-neat-and-organized as me?
What helps you to get organized and stay that way?

I would share a picture with this post but the pictures on the subject (my house) would be much too embarrassing.

Instead.... I'll share this video.
What a fun way to look at the world this Thanksgiving.

I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!!


Kunz Family said...

I've taught my kids to do laundry, sweep, wash windows, vacumn, mow,dishes, etc. I know I couldn't keep a clean house without their help. I make cleaning fun!

Sears Family of 4 said...

The best advice I've heard is dust and pick up anyone you are on a phone call. Also whenever I know someone is coming over my house gets cleaner faster, so always have people over!! But if not I will join you in lounging around watching Greys anatomy.

-Danica- said...

Ahhh I have the same problem. And I only have ONE kid.. some things that have been helping lately (or in the past) are: - I don't use their schedule or anything anymore but it completely changed that way I thought about cleaning/organizing and I still use the "go to bed with a shiny sink" thing each day.

divide chores by days of the week. Each area gets a day where I focus on that part, and all the other things get minor attention. for example:
Monday - kitchen (mop, clean out the fridge, computer desk)
Tuesday- Living room (vacuum, dust..haha ya right)
Wednesday- Bathroom (sweep, mop, toilet/tub bleach and scrub)

And I am currently doing an "8 week declutter" thing I found off of pinterest and it is helping me get rid of SO MUCH STUFF. Which is wonderful because It's easier to organize less stuff :)

Good luck.. If you come across any wonderful ideas, please share!