Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Workout Wednesday - Running and a Confession

I consider myself a "runner"  ... mostly because I love running so much.
Running hasn't come naturally.
It's hard and I've had to really work at it over the years.
I am not a super fast runner and I don't enjoy training for marathons.
I've run one marathon, the Ogden Marathon here in Utah, and I am glad I did it but I think I will be sticking with half marathons from here on out.

I've run a bunch of half marathons and I love them.
When I train for them I still feel like I am challenging my body, without killing it.
I have one coming up this Saturday (The SOJO Half in South Jordan) and I'm excited...  and a little nervous.  I think I will always have these nerves before my races. Even if I am running a 5k.

How I got started...

When I was young my older sister would go running and I would ride my bike next to her.
When I got a little bit older, I ditched the bike and started running with her.
I started by running a few bocks with her, then she would continue on her run and I would run home.
Slowly, I would add distance, until I could run the whole thing with her.

She signed me up for my first 5k, a little local one in the town we grew up in.
It was hard but I loved it.

Since then I've gone through phases with my running.

I phased out a little bit after high school as I was travelling to nanny on the East Coast and teach English in China.

And I got a little chubby.

Cheeks-looking-like-they're-storing-food-for-later kind of chubby.

Hey, you really can't blame me... all that food in China is just sooo good. :)

When I got home I realized just how chubby I had gotten and I was fed up with feeling so yucky all the time, so...
I started running again.
I felt so much better when I started consistently running and doing things to help my body.
I felt better, partially because I got literally lighter... 25 lbs lighter... than I was. Did I really just admit that?
25 lbs is a lot of extra weight on my small 5 ft almost 2" frame. 

But... I think the main reason that I felt better is because I was getting stronger and healthier.
And every day that I take the time to run, I feel even better.

I have one piece of advice for those of you just getting into running....

Start small.
Don't get discouraged.
Start by running around the block
Some days are harder than others.
You'll get there.
And it will eventually get easier.
Just start small.

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Brett and Lex said...

Ohhh man! I should give running another try. Good advice. I always run too much the first day and then don't want to go again...

Jewls said...

I love running! I'm a much happier mommy when I get my workout I love the sense of accomplishment!

Good luck on your half! That's my very favorite distance!

Bishoffs said...

Liz, your awesome. Since I just had a baby I have been discouraged about how to get rid of this extra weight! Thanks for your inspiration, you look great,and your family is adorable!

Whitney said...

Lizzie, is this why you were going through China pics? I will remind you that it wasn't for a lack of trying!! You would just be in a lot of pain remember!? You are inspiring!!

Tina Fisher said...

Visiting from Embrace. I just did my first marathon and then got "busy" and haven't ran since June just after the marathon. I instantly gained 8 pounds.

I guess I better get my shoes on!

Great blog you have!

I'm with you....half marathons don't mess with the body as much. :)