Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Journey to Good Health

Davey and I are in kind of a "getting healthy" mode right now.
We watched a couple of interesting documentaries that kinda got us started.
I've always exercised (mostly running) but I've never worried too much about what I put into my body.

Well, that is changing now.
I was feeling pretty yucky for a while and Davey and I both noticed a lack in energy...
So, we're switching things up!
We're trying new recipes and limiting (not completely eliminating) processed foods/sugar. 
The biggest change in what we eat is definitely all of the fruits and veggies we're eating now compared to before.

It's amazing how much better I feel when most of my meals are fruits and vegetables.

I've already noticed that I have more energy when I run, which I love.

I'm not nearly as tired (especially on my weekly long runs) when I haven't filled my body with processed, heavy, sugary foods.

Even though we can already tell a little bit of a difference, it doesn't make this easy.
Man, it's hard not to give in to all the yummy stuff everywhere!
Have you seen Pinterest lately?!?!

Like I said, we are "getting healthy," not completely eliminating everything that we love.

One step and a time. 
We just want to feel better and get into better shape and
We could definitely use some support on this journey!

We'll keep you updated and share good recipes when we get them.
Do you have any tips or advice for us?


Angel said...

So great Liz! Trevor and I started eating a plant based diet a few months ago. We love it! I had been wanting to do it for a while but when i watched those documentaries it really gave me the motivation! It is amazing how much better you feel when you only put natural, fresh, wholesome foods in your body! We have loved the new lifestyle changes. I agree though that it is tough. But search the web (and even Pinterest) and you will find lots of delicious recipes that are plant based! We also endulge here and there but I think that is completely ok! :) we should chat sometime about it. I'm always up for new recipes and I'd love to see what you've found.

bethany said...

Hi Liz! Ever since I read about your adoption journey I keep coming back to your blog--absolutely love it! I'm so happy for you and your beautiful family.
We'll definitely watch the documentaries you mentioned. We also thought Food, Inc. was interesting. I think the book In Defense of Food is another great one for the basics--wish all Americans could/would read it.
We've been doing a plant-based diet for about a year now so I'm still learning how to cook/prepare food in a different way (our new favorite is green smoothies because it's an easy, quick way to pack in tons of greens and it still tastes good). I'll look forward to seeing what recipes you like and what works for you!

Cassie said...

Lizzie, I'm laughing so hard at the Diabetes math problem. THANK you so much for making me laugh out loud. That was fun.

Right before I read this, I was thinking, "I shouldn't have eaten so many yogurt-covered (sugar and fat-covered) raisins, I feel sick." So no advice here. But I think you guys are awesome. And running does feel so much better when you're eating healthy!

Cassie said...

ps I really do eat healthy sometimes. :) We like smoothies, too. And I like to watch the salt when I cook (things taste so much better when you use real spices instead), and I don't fry things but bake them (except tacos). But I'm sure you're already doing those things.