Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cuter Than All the Other Babies

"Nora is so cute, she is cuter than all the other babies."
"I love Nora."
"Hello little sweetheart baby Nora."
"I am so glad that Nora is my baby sister."
"Nora is my favorite baby."


These are some of the things Mason says about/to his baby sister.
He loves her so much.
And, my goodness, she loves him. 
All he has to do is come close to her and she is already smiling at him.

Here he is "reading" to her.

This might just be my favorite picture of all time.


Alexis said...

So sweet! Mason is such a sweet big brother. Love her smile!

Meg said...

Absolutely precious!

Tammy Tolley said...

I LOVE the last one of her staring at him! So precious!

Amy said...

totally adorable, and that book looks super cute too!