Monday, October 22, 2012

A Leaky Eye and a Half Marathon

Want to know something weird about me?
This might be a little too much information and I may just scare you away.....
But, I'll tell you anyway.

When I run, I have a leaky eye.

Yes... a leaky eye.  Just one.
When the air outside is cool one of my eyes starts to cry.  
And the tears just keep coming from that eye pretty much until I'm done running.
I've accepted it and gotten used to it over the years but it always gets me some funny looks from those around me and some concerned questions from people wondering if I am doing ok. I've had coaches take me out (on the soccer field) because of it and people stop me to console me as I'm trying to get my workout in.
You can imagine how this went over on the cool/windy Saturday morning while I was running the SOJO Half Marathon along side all those hard core runners.
I got some interesting looks from runners and even spectators as I wiped my tears (from my one eye) away. 
Apparently I'm pretty emotional about my running.
Or so it appears.

Anyway,  I did finish the half marathon and it went really well.
I felt really good the entire time and I am so glad I did it.
I love the feeling after a race when you know you did your best.
I actually got 2nd place in my age group and 5th place in overall women (out of almost 300), which was a fun surprise!
For those that want numbers, I ran at a 7:20 pace and finished in 1 hour 36 minutes and 8 seconds.
 How's that for a cheesy picture?  Good heavens.

I wanted to tell you about the race and thank you all so much for all of your kind words and support via comments, Facebook, text and phone calls after my last post.
I was super embarrassed posting those "before" pictures and sharing so much but I went ahead a pushed the "publish" button in hopes that I might help someone.
I couldn't believe the flood of kindness and support that ensued.
You are all wonderful.

Thank you.

Happy Monday!

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Angel said...

Way to go Liz! You are a MUCH faster runner than I am! I'm impressed. oh and my eye waters when I run in the cold. It's always my right one. :)

Aaron and Julie said...

Uhhh that is an AMAZING time!! You are an amazing woman always have been!!

Amy said...

This story made me smile, I can just picture the concerned looks now. And holy crow! Your time is amazing!!!

Tiffany said...

You are a rockstar, weirdly after you posted about running on your last post I dreamt I was running a race against you and you beat me, which you would in real life, since I am a turtle. Congrats!