Monday, August 6, 2012

Wedding and Phone Pictures

My goodness, we've been busy around here. 
My parents came in town for my brother's wedding and have been staying with us so they could spend time with baby Nora.
Oh, I've so loved having them here.
And I'm so happy for my cute brother and his new wife.

I know some of you are still waiting for our adoption story.
I'm working on that now.
So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here are some phone pictures..

She started "for real" smiling a few days ago.  This is the most we've been able to catch on camera...

He LOVES her.

So far she likes the Baby Bjorn carrier and Baby Sling

Tiny pieces of paper and a pen: Jimmy's favorite.

Happy Monday!


DazedandCreative said...

So precious! I wish I could have taken pics of my twins like these but they were 2 months old by the time they came home.

Kunz Family said...

Oh so cute! She's adorable! I love her polka dot pajamas! Liberty has those too!