Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trains and Grandparents

My parents are getting ready to move across the country to serve a mission for our church.
They leave in less than a week.
I will miss them so much.
And my boys....
Oh, my boys.
Well, my parents are two of their favorite people and they ask every day if we can go to their house.
Man, they're going to miss them.
Because of the little time we have left to spend with them before they go,
We made a last minute decision and took a trip to Salt Lake City and spent the day together there.
We rode Trax and, my goodness, the boys were in heaven.
This was their first real experience with trains.

Trains + Grandparents = The best day ever.

We had fun.

Happy Thursday!

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Alexis Halle said...

So cute! I love Jimmy's smile in the last picture! It makes me giggle.

rachel! said...

How sad and wonderful!

Devon said...

That picture with you and the boys all in still my heart.

Whitney said...

I LOVE this.. doesn't get any more cute than you and your boys!

The Bluths said...

i love your hair! you are beautiful!

Ben and Nanci Hanks said...

What a fun day! I love the hats. I'm excited to visit Nauvoo!!