Friday, March 23, 2012

For them.

If you knew me growing up you know that I've never liked getting my picture taken.
I'd much rather be behind the camera than in front of it.
Well, over the last few years I've done several projects for my family that have required me to search the archives for pictures of my mother.
Every time I found a picture of my mother with me as a child, I got so excited.
Of course, this was before the digital era and she was usually the one taking the pictures so there aren't many, but the few I found I've treasured.

This has changed my thinking a little bit.
I may not like being in front of the camera but when my children grow up and look through the pictures from their childhood I want them to see me there with them.
I want our pictures to remind them of the love I have for them.

I recently discovered an awesome lady with a similar mindset.
Every Wednesday she hosts Embrace the Camera and posts pictures of herself with her family, 
then she encourages others to get in front of the camera and link up to her blog.
She's great.

I can't get over how adorable Jimmy is in the above pic.

On an unrelated note...
See the fun earrings I'm wearing in these pics?
I recently won a giveaway and was sent these beauties from this shop.
They have so many cute things in their store.

And if you're a smaller-lighter-earring-wear-er, 
They have a beautiful smaller version too.

So pretty.

Happy weekend!


THE COOK'S said...

I LOVE this idea!!! Thanks for sharing! I agree, more pictures as a family will be cherished the most by our babies in the future. :)) Your littles are so stinkin' precious! :))

Dani & Jake said...

I love this idea too - whenever I need a picture of myself I realize how many I DON'T have and it makes me sad. I want my kids to know what I looked like because I love seeing my parents when they were younger. I'm going to have to keep this in mind.. You are gorgeous btw :) And that picture of jimmy is too cute!

photo:britt said...

I came over to your blog through the "embrace the camera" blog... Your photos are beautiful! I was thinking, "perty mama!" and "oh, she's thinking like I am" and then, "SHE EVEN HAS A CUTE LITTLE JIMMY???" And I was pretty much smitten. :)