Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Hi!  I'm Mandy and I blog over at Sugar Bee Crafts.  I love having Lizzie stop by with photo tips each month, and it's fun to be able to pop on over here today.

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Today I want so share a quick Fabric Embellished Shirt and Headband:
The boutique look is such "the thing" right now, but those outfits seem really time-consuming to make and I'm all about being simple.  I think you can get a great personalized look by just sprucing up something store-bought.  For example, this shirt.  My daughter was attending a birthday party so I needed to get a gift - I grabbed this shirt at Walmart - I think it was $3.50 (my goal is to spend under $5 on birthday gifts for my kids' friends - I'm sure this will have to increase as they get older, but for now it's worked).  The shirt is fuschia, but my craft room cannot take a picture of hot pink/fuschia - ever.  And then I had some scrap fabric sitting around:
The shirt already had a cute ruffle, so I thought I'd just embellish it a little more.  I cut a strip of fabric and then hemmed one side and sewed it down (fold over and then fold over again for a nice edge).  The other side I ran through my serger but you could zigzag it as well - anything to keep it from fraying.My strip was 1 1/2 inches wide (before I hemmed it) by 21 1/2 inches long,
Then I sewed a gathering stitch on top of the serged edge and pulled it to gather the strip into a ruffle.  Below shows the start of my ruffling.  You'll then need to fold over each end and sew that so the end edges look nice.
After the strip is ruffled, pin it down under the existing ruffle on the shirt.  Then sew again on top of the serged part (the sewing should be hidden under the original ruffle when you're done).
It was a tight spot at the start and stop of the strip so I couldn't sew there - so I grabbed my fabric tac glue (like liquid hot glue for fabric) and tacked down where I circled.  The white dashes are where the hidden sewing should be.
And that's it - easy, right?!
Now of course it needs a hair accessory.   I would normally do a fabric flower or something, but my daughter has been big into headbands lately, so I went that route (fun for her to give something that she loves).  And I made it ruffly to match the ruffle shirt.  I got a pack of 6 or so headbands at the Dollar Tree (everything's $1!) - what a deal.  I cut a scrap of fabric and sewed a gathering stitch on both sides.  Then pulled them simultaneously for an even gather.
After gathering I ran each side through the sewing machine to sew down the gather.  (But my stitch was still really long and I didn't realize it, so it made for bad sewing - just ignore that in the upclose pictures!)
To attach it to the headband I just fabric-glued it on.  It seemed pretty secure, but I'm sure if a kid really yanked it would come off.  Hopefully that won't happen.
I think it turned out really cute - I kind of want to make one for me...
I have an embroidery machine, so I took and extra step for the set and added the little girl's initial and name in the corner of the shirt.  You could hand do this, or freezer stencil, or iron on letters - lots of fun personalization techniques.  

So that's it - for under $4 - cute, easy, personalized - my kind of project.  

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Hope to see you over at Sugar Bee Crafts!!


Just Jaime said...

Adorable! Love the added umph it gives =)

Taylor said...

Love that you and your family are passionate about adoption. My little sister is adopted from China and we could not be more blessed. Adoption is a beautiful thing...God builds families through all sorts of means. Good luck with your journey and I will certainly be back for more updates!

xo Taylor