Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shelby - The Osmond Blog

Man, you guys are in for a treat.
For the next week you get to hear from some of my favorite people!
Today you get to hear from the lovely Shelby. I love her. And I know you will too.

I'm super honored to be here on Liz's beautiful blog- we all know she is amazing and her photography skills are unbelievable and Liz and I go way back to the good ol' college days... and I'm so glad we do. :)
Anyway, to start off my name is Shelby from The Osmond blog. 
My blog is mainly to keep me entertained, and those who read it get that extra bonus too . 
I'm married to a sweetly, creative guy who keeps life romantic.
And I'm also a mommy to a little one year old, that I get to document life with.
And recently my Mister, 
created this video for our growing family, that I can't seem to watch without my eyes starting to fill up. 
He's known for doing that to me...
In a nut shell, that is our little family, our blog documents our life, our crafts, our mishaps and joys. So  come on over and be a friend in the Blog sphere there is never a stop to enough friends!

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