Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh, Jimmy.

Want to know something cool?
No, not cool, amazing?

Remember Jimmy's story?
How he was born 15 weeks early?
Remember how he has beat so many odds

Well, that little munchkin has been visited by a lot of professionals during these last (almost) 3 years.
Professionals who have followed his development as well as checked for many other things.

He had a very important "test" done recently. 
They asked him lots of questions
They asked me lots of questions.
They talked to him, played with him, watched him, and just hung out with him for a while.
Just to see where he is at developmentally.

And they were shocked by him.

Compared to a lot of babies born at 25 weeks gestation... well...
So many things could have been "wrong" with him.
And if they were, we would have been ok.
Developmentally, he tested right in the average range for kids his age.
He is not delayed.


Just came across this pic from last summer. Ahhh.. I love him.

Happy Monday!


kenna said...

harley was born that early too and he has no issues. so glad you have a little miracle boy. he is beautiful.

Aline said...

When that little guy has an amazing mother like you he could be nothing less than that! ;) So glad to hear he's doing so well! Love you!

Alexis Halle said...

He is truly amazing! Love his little expressions! We still need to do lunch!