Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Littles - ASL

Ok, another video, I just can't help myself.
This is the greatest.
My friend Bryton recently shared this gem and I can't stop watching it.
Maybe it's my love for ASL.
Maybe it's my passion for adoption.
Maybe it's because they remind me of my students in China.
Or maybe... it's just because it is the cutest thing ever.
Whatever it is, I love it.

These adorable littles were adopted from China by an American Family.  The 3-year-old (left) is Deaf and the 2-year-old (right) has partial hearing.  When they were adopted they had no language skills and now (just months later) they are flourishing.  Amazing. Sign language is amazing.  I think it's so so cute that the bigger brother his helping his little brother do the signs properly.

Happy Wednesday!


Amie and Jesse said...

that is the cutest video ever! oh my the big brother helping the little brother so cute!!

Cassie said...

That is SO sweet! I loved it.