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Tutorial! - Mandy - Sugar Bee Crafts

Hi!  I'm Mandy and I blog over at Sugar Bee Crafts.  I love having Lizzie stop by with photo tips each month, and it's fun to be able to pop on over here today.

Sugar Bee Crafts: sewing, recipes, crafts, photo tips, and more!

Today I want so share a quick Fabric Embellished Shirt and Headband:
The boutique look is such "the thing" right now, but those outfits seem really time-consuming to make and I'm all about being simple.  I think you can get a great personalized look by just sprucing up something store-bought.  For example, this shirt.  My daughter was attending a birthday party so I needed to get a gift - I grabbed this shirt at Walmart - I think it was $3.50 (my goal is to spend under $5 on birthday gifts for my kids' friends - I'm sure this will have to increase as they get older, but for now it's worked).  The shirt is fuschia, but my craft room cannot take a picture of hot pink/fuschia - ever.  And then I had some scrap fabric sitting around:
The shirt already had a cute ruffle, so I thought I'd just embellish it a little more.  I cut a strip of fabric and then hemmed one side and sewed it down (fold over and then fold over again for a nice edge).  The other side I ran through my serger but you could zigzag it as well - anything to keep it from fraying.My strip was 1 1/2 inches wide (before I hemmed it) by 21 1/2 inches long,
Then I sewed a gathering stitch on top of the serged edge and pulled it to gather the strip into a ruffle.  Below shows the start of my ruffling.  You'll then need to fold over each end and sew that so the end edges look nice.
After the strip is ruffled, pin it down under the existing ruffle on the shirt.  Then sew again on top of the serged part (the sewing should be hidden under the original ruffle when you're done).
It was a tight spot at the start and stop of the strip so I couldn't sew there - so I grabbed my fabric tac glue (like liquid hot glue for fabric) and tacked down where I circled.  The white dashes are where the hidden sewing should be.
And that's it - easy, right?!
Now of course it needs a hair accessory.   I would normally do a fabric flower or something, but my daughter has been big into headbands lately, so I went that route (fun for her to give something that she loves).  And I made it ruffly to match the ruffle shirt.  I got a pack of 6 or so headbands at the Dollar Tree (everything's $1!) - what a deal.  I cut a scrap of fabric and sewed a gathering stitch on both sides.  Then pulled them simultaneously for an even gather.
After gathering I ran each side through the sewing machine to sew down the gather.  (But my stitch was still really long and I didn't realize it, so it made for bad sewing - just ignore that in the upclose pictures!)
To attach it to the headband I just fabric-glued it on.  It seemed pretty secure, but I'm sure if a kid really yanked it would come off.  Hopefully that won't happen.
I think it turned out really cute - I kind of want to make one for me...
I have an embroidery machine, so I took and extra step for the set and added the little girl's initial and name in the corner of the shirt.  You could hand do this, or freezer stencil, or iron on letters - lots of fun personalization techniques.  

So that's it - for under $4 - cute, easy, personalized - my kind of project.  

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Hope to see you over at Sugar Bee Crafts!!

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Erin - Living in Yellow

Hey there pretty things.
My name is Erin and I write over at Living In Yellow.
A blog that is about a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
And a whole lotta this and that ;)
You get the point.
I am so excited to be here today for Lizzie.
I adore her and her little (and growing) family :)
Lizzie graciously asked if I would share something with you readers and even though I am not a huge fan of sharing {especially girl scout cookies}, I obliged.
Here is the deal though--guest posts can be somewhat awkward.
I don't know you--you don't know me--and really.. you are probably annoyed that this is a guest post on and not Lizzie speaking at y'all herself.
So instead of rambling which is what I normally do.
I will leave you with 5 things you need to know about me.
Just all the basic, important, you must know these things type of stuff.
Starting with numero uno.
1. I am white.
My husband is white.
And we gave birth to a black daughter.
I know, awkward right?
2. If a restaurant has macaroni and cheese on the menu, that is what I order.
No matter what.
Obsessed is an understatement.
3. I can't focus. Like seriously. My mind jumps around a mile a minute.
Make that a mile a second--one second I am thinking about what I should make for dinner {okay that's a lie--I never really think about that} and then the next I am wondering how giraffes necks got to be so tall.
Wait, where I was going with this?
Moving on..
4. Blogging makes me happy.
Fo sho.
I love it and that's all there is to it.
5. Speaking of blogging--I have compiled a list of Blogging Lessons Learned.
Some people have said it has helped them out.
So, assuming I like you all {which is a pretty good assumption}
I figured--I should help you out too.
You can start with Round One.
And then you can proceed to Round Two.
Or if you want to declare it Opposite Day, you can start with Round Two and then go to Round One.
Really, it's whatever your preference is.
And really, it might not even help you out.
Maybe you should just fore go the whole idea of reading those.
You know what.
Don't fore go it because that will mean you won't end up on my blog..and well, I think the whole point of a guest post is to convince your hot little booties that you need to get over my blog.


Monday, February 27, 2012

"You're Killing Me, Smalls!"

Hello happy readers! I'm Rachel from Blogging is for Lovers and I am delighted to be guest posting. I hope you enjoy!
(that's my family)
(we think we're totally hilarious)

When you hear "heyyyyy youuuuuu guuuuuuuys!" you automatically know the reference - it's from "Goonies". We all have these movies from our childhood that we can quote among friends and there is no fear of that puzzled look that indicates that your joke just did not go over well. Not that I'm familiar with that look or anything. "The Sandlot" is another great one, anything out of Squints' mouth is pure childhood gold.
But then you have your family movies! The best! It seems as though every family has several obscure movies that they can quote amongst themselves that just don't work as effectively in the general public. I guess it's like your own little familial sub culture. That's pretty darn cool.
Here are the go to films for my family's dinner table conversations:
3 Ninjas
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
Camp Nowhere
*Mean Girls
Luckily, none of my siblings read my blog so they won't read this post and shriek at their screen about how I missed our favorite one. I'm sure I'm missing one or four movies that we obsessively quote, but how would I know. Anyway, I hope this inspires you to think of your darling family and what constitutes your movies. And if you feel so generous, leave a list for us in the comments - maybe Lizzie's readers will end up falling in love with your movies!
*Mean Girls gets an asterisk to indicate all-star status. That movie is just line after line of quotable treasure.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lovely Kenna - Adoption

 Hi lovelies!
Kenna from iWrite how I talk... and I talk funny is guest posting today!
She's here to share her babe's adoption story.
I love it.
I love her.
Be sure to grab some tissues.

i've always secretly believed that big foot is real.  you know, because of all the outstanding and convincing evidence.  why wouldn't there be a big, hairy, gorilla/yak man roaming around the woods of ohio?  it makes perfect sense.

okay, so this really had absolutely nothing to do with anything i'm going to say, but let's admit it.  i totally caught your attention, right? 

while i am quite certain i could go on and on about my obsession to find and capture big foot, i'll spare you. 

when lizzie asked me to write a guest post, i felt honored.  she is a wonderful woman and a passionate mother.  it was through the world of adoption blogs that i came in contact with lizzie.  i often stalk around adoption blogs that link to more adoption blogs and so on and so forth.  then, i take it to a whole notha' creepy level.  i email prospective adoptive families in hopes that i can do something to help them find their, 'little.'  i'm so glad that lizzie wasn't completely weirded out by me. 

adoption is very near and dear to my heart.  after many years of physical and emotional pain, loss and trial, my husband and i were blessed with our son, boog.  he has been a welcome presence in our home and a healing balm to our souls.  words cannot express how grateful i am for adoption and what is has brought into my life. 

if you don't mind, i'd love to tell you about how our son came into our lives.  i've been through a million different topics, but i keep coming back to boog.  plus, who wants to hear me talk about me?  it's much more adorable to read about my son, i assure you.

after two failed adoption attempts, it seems completely asinine to even try, i mean, EVER again to adopt.  i figured we could be "DINK's" forever and i could spend my nights sipping hot chocolate ordering whatever the hell i wanted from qvc.  (or other varying establishments, maybe mostly amazon)  i don't think qvc and amazon can collectively shatter my heart.  it's a pretty safe relationship.

however, it happened.  studly (my husband) and i decided to put our adoption profile back online for another go.  psh, another go.  i was sure it would be another heart break, and then studly would have to admit me to the state hospital, where i could live out my days eating jell-o whilst on a thorazine drip. 

sounds lovely.

i figured that because we were chosen so fast for our other almost placements, and they felt so right and perfect, that there was no way we'd experience that again.  our wait would be long, arduous, and you know what?  i was game for that.  no more adoption drama for us.

have i mentioned enough how one more heart break would kill me?  well, believe you me, it would have.  

we'd been online one whole week when i saw it.  the email with the subject line : FW: COUPLE_CONTACT.

safe to say i stopped breathing for at least 61 seconds.  no, really.  may have been a world record or something.  as soon as i realized my lips were turning blue, i sucked in a breath and started to read...

Hello my name is Sadie. I have a one year old son named Harley. He is beautiful in every way.

insert tearsi felt something hit my chest so hard.

i screamed.  'STUDLY!?'

while he was yelling back, 'what?!' i kept reading...

I saw your picture, Kenna, and I can't imagine Harley going to anyone else...that's kind of premature or blunt for me to say...but that was my initial reaction and the reason why I am so anxious to speak with you. Its for that reason that i don't cry every time I look at Harley. I imagine him there and...the idea honestly makes me happy and it feels like I can finally breathe.

insert more tears.  lots. more. tears.

...roller coaster starts again...

hey sweet sadie,

first off, have to say that we admire your bravery.  realizing that there could possibly be more for your sweet little boy than you can provide takes a lot of strength. 

your paragraph about seeing my picture has me in tears.  we appreciate you being blunt!  we need that!  adoption is a guessing game most of the time, but when a birth mother is straight forward, it's easier on everyone. 

open adoption is a huge yes.  it's what we've always wanted for our adopted child.  we feel very strongly about any child (or Harley) knowing his birth parents, knowing you love him so much that you are giving him more than what you currently can offer.  he will know, Sadie, he will know.  we will never cease to express to him the love his birth parents have for him.  you can come visit.  that's not an issue at all.  we would love that.  i'm not just saying that as lip service either.  we mean it.

not all of the email, but you get the picture.

'good enough studly?!'

'no, really.'

'read it again.'


have i ever mentioned studly married a whole lot of crazy?

well, he did.

i pushed the send button then puked.  okay, i didn't puke, but i felt like i was going to.  then, i sat at the computer pressing refresh for a good five minutes.  i know it was ridiculous, but cut me a little slack, eh?  we've already established i have issues.  

luckily sadie is awesome at emailing, so we didn't have to wait long.  this is muy bueno, of course, because when you are waiting to hear from a potential birth mother you are basically walking around in circles, holding your breath and clicking refresh every 27 seconds.  oh, and taking a xanax or two or eleven.

we kept the news to ourselves. we couldn't imagine having to tell yet ANOTHER reversal story.  if this happened, it was going to be a huge surprise for everyone, and if it didn't, well, we didn't have to back track to anyone.  public sadness and disappointment is as awful as it gets.    

the emails continued for a month.  lots of getting to know each other, talking about the birth father, talking about boog and what we both wanted for him.  it was a very humbling experience, talking with sadie about boog's future.  she is as tough as nails, but so tender and loving towards her little guy.  it's a combination that is fitting of a birth mother.  the more we emailed, we grew closer, and the possibility of an actual placement grew into more of a reality.   

this is where i really start to freak out.  my past experiences tell me that it all blows up after this.  everything feels perfect, it's right, but then someone pulls the rug out from under us and we end up with more brain damage.  in my case, that's BAD, because i've sustained a lot already.  as much as i loved sadie, i couldn't believe it might actually happen.  sadie was on board, but we weren't sure about the birth father at all.  this is enough to make studly and me soil our pants.  we have had some issues with birth fathers.  we didn't trust them as far as we could throw them, and i can't throw very far.  like, at all. 

after all the emails, sadie decided she would bring boog up to meet us over thanksgiving.  (she was in texas)  not only that, but the birth father (glenn) had agreed to meet us too, so we would be meeting sadie, glenn and boog all at the same time.  

this time i totally puked.

i sat through thanksgiving dinner, which was the day before we would meet, with only boog on my mind.  i went through all the scenarios, well, basically all the bad scenarios.  obviously my brain has issues with positivity, but we were prepared as much as we could be.  i mean, we've done this twice already.  the gifts were wrapped, my barf bag was tucked neatly under my shirt, we got in the car, buckled up, and took deep breaths. . .

we parked and i sat in the car staring forward.

'you have to get out of the car ya know,' studly said.

our wonderful case worker, K, met us as we arrived. 

'ready for this?' she had a big grin.  'boog is just, adorable.'

i'm pretty sure at this point i wasn't breathing (i am also pretty sure this is where all the brain damage comes from) and as case worker K tried to walk us back to the room, i kept stopping dead in my tracks.  seriously, if i hadn't taken so much time getting ready, i would have puked on myself.

oh, speaking of getting ready, let me tell you a side story.  we woke up and were getting ready for this face to face (adoption lingo, legit right?) and come to find out our water has been turned off.  yes, they were fixing a pipe and we had zero. water.  thank you janel, my bestie for life, for letting us sneak into your house and shower.  we had minutes to spare!  go figure, right?

we walked into the room.  i think i sucked in air so hard that every one heard.  this was to keep from bawling, because that was the instant reaction i had when i saw sadie and boog.  we greeted sadie with hugs, and a hand shake for glenn.  boog gave us a big grin and went back to playing with some rubber balls on the floor.

glenn was personable, and took over the conversation from the start.  we had been talking to sadie for a month, and hadn't ever talked to glenn, so i suppose that meant it went well.  sadie edged in some tidbits about what brought her to think of adoption, what she wanted for boog.  glenn did too, saying the little guy needed two parents.  as the conversation continued, boog eventually came to check us out.  when i picked him up i felt something hit my chest.  we gave him a soft blanket, and he sat on my lap eating goldfish as we talked.  (still holding my breath a bit, surprised i haven't ever passed out from this?)  i handed boog over to studly, whom he immediately took to.  it was unbelievable to watch.  it felt as if they were bonded from an earlier time.  they knew each other, it had just been a while.  

the meeting came to a close, and case worker K promised it went well.  they would be talking to sadie and glenn about their true intentions, glenn's relinquishment, details, etc.  we wouldn't know until that evening if anything would even move forward.

needless to say?  looooooong day. 

that night i received an email from case worker K.  they loved us.  we were, 'their kind of people.'

glenn would be signing relinquishment at noon the next day.

cue the puking.

that meant, if glenn were to truly sign as he said, we would be planning a trip to texas for placement with sadie, and we would indeed, be blessed with a son.

more puking.

we didn't sleep.  correction, i didn't sleep.

noon came and went.


1 pm.  nothing.

2 pm.  nothing.

3 pm.  still. nothing.

around five o'clock that night we get a text from case worker K...

'buy your plane tickets!'

it was a full week in between meeting sadie & boog and boarding a plane heading for texas.

want to know what i did for that week?  you guessed it.  i puked, hyperventilated, and did not pack until the day before we left.  i'm positive i thought up every reason not to go.  to call the whole thing off for the sake of protecting myself, my studly and my family.  then, i thought of one good reason to board that plane.

he was my son.  i knew it.  

then again, i'm ashamed to say even those deep feelings didn't keep me from shaking.  in my head i was certain this was going to fall apart, and i'd travel home, alone, once again.

the flight to texas is about 3 hours.  3 hours is a long time to think.  truth be told i pumped some xanax into my system so i could handle the flight (i am not a good flyer) and my thoughts.  i had eerie flash backs to our first failed placed.  boarding a plane to get my little one.  it was all too familiar.  i'm pretty sure my poor therapist received 103 emails from the flight alone.  all of them begging her to lay out a plan for when i came home empty handed. 

studly has this uncanny ability to sleep on planes, the punk, so i sat there with tunes in my ears and cheap pretzels in my mouth.  seriously, why do i even let them feed me that junk?  i regret it every time.  oh, and that small cup of coke?  do you think that's enough to wash these things down?  never.  i'm too much of a pansy to ask for more. i may or may not have snuck some of studly's sprite (such a big kid drink, right?) while he was snoozing.  i was desperate. 
as the plane touched down, i grabbed the barf bag and stuffed it in my lap top case.  at the rate i was going, i was sure to need it.  it crossed my mind to grab more as i exited, but that is a little ridiculous.  even for me.  

wanna know something amazing about san antonio in december?  it's warm.  like 83 degrees the day we got there.  you had better believe i had flip flops in my carry on, which i quickly switched into shortly after stepping outside.  

paradise, people.  

we hopped into our rental car, cranked the air, and said a prayer that the english lady on the gps system was familiar with texas.  if not, we were screwed.  luckily, she must have taken texas 101 because we made it safe to studly's cousin's house.  she and her husband were most amazing and allowed us to use their house as a hotel for 2 weeks.  seriously, you can only imagine the money that saved us.  also, she lived a whole 19 miles from sadie's house.  luck or what?  

after settling in we primped, put on another layer of deodorant (like i said, it was warm) and headed to sadie's house.  the scary thing about this meeting was her whole family would be there.  mom, dad, and a few siblings still living at home.  you think it's hard to impress a birth mother, try impressing a birth mother's mother. 

thankfully sadie's family embraced as their own.  it was actually quite amazing.  it reminded me of rachel's parents and family, and how they took me in while we were fighting for kate.  there are amazing people in this world, and i have had the opportunity to meet most of them.  we were greeted with hugs and tears and the one thing that brings everyone together; food.  the conversation was easy, and my nerves were calmed.  

best part?  seeing our little man again.  oh how that child make my heart melt.  he is a little dream come true.  

before we parted for the night, studly had his first tender moment with little studly...

studly got to rock his son to sleep.
this was the beginning of something amazing.  it had to be.
i'm not going to lie, the weeks we spent in texas were hard.

after the first initial day, we set up a routine.  studly and i would arrive at sadie's home in the morning so boog could adapt to our presence.  as the days continued, we would take him on small outings and be his primary care takers while sadie was at work or school.  then, after the first week, we would have placement and then we'd take boog to where we were staying so we could adapt to night time.  we couldn't go home straight away because there are lots of papers that need to be signed, sealed and delivered for legal clearance out of texas.  i already hate airports, i wasn't about to be arrested in one for leaving too early.

plus texas weather is divine.

like i've said, boog and studly's bond was instant.  i was having issues with bonding, i wouldn't hold boog, wouldn't really involve myself with his every day needs.  i let studly take the lead since boog was comfortable with him.  since sadie hadn't signed, i was still stressed to my max and in constant fear of another failed placement.  i didn't want to get close to the little man for fear i'd have to leave him.  please, don't get me wrong, i've loved him since the day i laid eyes on him, but after 2 horrid experiences my brain won out over my heart, and i backed away.  i'm a blessed woman to have studly.  he is an excellent father, has been from day one.  he also understood my fears and inabilities at the time, so he wasn't resentful of having to take on almost 100% of the parental duties.  

i realize this makes me sound like a grade crap mom from the start, but please understand how much our past experiences influenced me.  they told me it was was post traumatic stress, and it was to be expected.  i, of course, figured i should be able to, 'just get over it' as i had a sweet little boy at my feet.  i wish it was that easy.  it was hard and draining to push myself to bond with boog.  i figured if he could adapt to me being around, the rest would fall into place gradually when we came home.

after what seemed like 17 years (try 7 days) placement was scheduled.  december 10, 2010.

i've always heard placement was this super emotional, crazy experience.  i've heard good things, i've heard bad things, and since i've never really been able to follow through with one i had no clue what to expect.

sadie's case worker came to her house, we sat in a circle with tv trays, and the dictation of what sadie would be signing began.

the strength sadie showed, the way she signed the papers without hesitation, and with intent to give her son what she knew was best, well, it still makes me choke up.  it was simple.  it was done quickly.  then to our papers.  same thing, read aloud, we agreed, signed, notarized, el fin.

our papers were handed to us.

sadie's papers were handed to her.

(insert huge sigh here)

we folded up the trays, and sadie went to work.

no big hurrah's.  no pictures.  just the solid knowledge that what just happened, what we had all done there that day, was the right thing.  the best thing.  

that night, as we took boog back to where we were staying, i silently cried as i held his little hand in mine.  i was breathing normally for the first time in over 8 months.  it was done.  not to be broken.  this was our son, and he would be coming home with us...

as we descended into salt lake city, boog was curled up in my arms, the turbulence and landing rumbles rocking him to sleep.  (not to worry though, the kid is a master flyer)  Studly looked at me and said, 'what a little punk' as we would have enjoyed his slumber throughout the entire flight, not just the landing.

the flight(s) home gave me ample time to ponder how i was returning to a life that did not exist when i left.  it was unnerving, to say the least.  here i am, 25, clueless, and there is a sleeping 14 month old in my lap.  my first thoughts...

'um, what do we do when we get off the plane?  we go home?  like, with the baby?'

studly said that he was pretty sure that was the idea, although we could be wrong, but probably weren't.  that's how adoption works when it works right.  you physically take the child home with you, to you know, like, live and stuff.

yeah, guess what i did?  puked.  

mmk, not really, but like every other moment of this journey i wanted to, bad.  adoption has permanently messed up my stomach...and brain.  however, when it works right, it's a beautiful thing, even if puke is involved.  

so that's what we were to do.  strap this kiddo in a car seat and take him home.  after that?  i had no clue.  feed him?  ah yes, mmk, oh, and change him probably.  these are all no brainers, obviously, the the weight of what was happening turned my head around.  oh, and by turn i mean spin fast.  i just brought home a child.  a child who was in my custody, who i was soley (with studly) responsible for.

if that isn't enough to make someone soil there pants, friends, i don't know what is.

we exited the plane.  diaper bag on one shoulder (weird), kid on the other.  as we walked out of the terminal, we see a fellow that looks just like my uncle.  

happy days, it WAS.  he was flying in from colorado to see my grandma, and just happened to get in only a half an hour before us.  my mom had told him we would be coming home with boog, and he wanted to be the first to greet us.  

lemme tell you something people, there is NO greater feeling than seeing someone you love after a 2 week adoption journey away from home.  hugs and tears and beers all around!  (okay, no beers, but hugs and tears were plentiful)  he helped us with our billion (okay six ((yes SIX checked bags)) plus carry ons)  bags as we headed for the exit, at which my darling mother and newly appointed gram was waiting.
this DID happen.  as i type this my kid is sleeping on the couch next to me.  he sounds like a purring cat.  i've been asked if all the pain was worth it.  you know, i was scared i wouldn't be able to answer such a question, but i can.

yes, yes it was.

for those of you who are and have traveled the road i did, hope remains.  i know it sounds trite, especially  coming from someone on the, 'other side' but it's there.  something is in the works. 

when you arrive at your destination, when that child is placed in your arms, you will feel the hurt and sorrow melt off your heart.  you will take a deep breath, probably the first in a long time.  you will say, 'god is good' and offer up a thankful prayer.  in those moments you will realize that it was, indeed, worth every moment of pain.

you WILL triumph.  i promise.

we are proof.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shelby - The Osmond Blog

Man, you guys are in for a treat.
For the next week you get to hear from some of my favorite people!
Today you get to hear from the lovely Shelby. I love her. And I know you will too.

I'm super honored to be here on Liz's beautiful blog- we all know she is amazing and her photography skills are unbelievable and Liz and I go way back to the good ol' college days... and I'm so glad we do. :)
Anyway, to start off my name is Shelby from The Osmond blog. 
My blog is mainly to keep me entertained, and those who read it get that extra bonus too . 
I'm married to a sweetly, creative guy who keeps life romantic.
And I'm also a mommy to a little one year old, that I get to document life with.
And recently my Mister, 
created this video for our growing family, that I can't seem to watch without my eyes starting to fill up. 
He's known for doing that to me...
In a nut shell, that is our little family, our blog documents our life, our crafts, our mishaps and joys. So  come on over and be a friend in the Blog sphere there is never a stop to enough friends!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh, Jimmy.

Want to know something cool?
No, not cool, amazing?

Remember Jimmy's story?
How he was born 15 weeks early?
Remember how he has beat so many odds

Well, that little munchkin has been visited by a lot of professionals during these last (almost) 3 years.
Professionals who have followed his development as well as checked for many other things.

He had a very important "test" done recently. 
They asked him lots of questions
They asked me lots of questions.
They talked to him, played with him, watched him, and just hung out with him for a while.
Just to see where he is at developmentally.

And they were shocked by him.

Compared to a lot of babies born at 25 weeks gestation... well...
So many things could have been "wrong" with him.
And if they were, we would have been ok.
Developmentally, he tested right in the average range for kids his age.
He is not delayed.


Just came across this pic from last summer. Ahhh.. I love him.

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Location! Location! Location!

It's photo tips time over on Sugar Bee Crafts.
I do photography tips over there once a month.
Head on over there for my photo tips on finding great locations!

Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Littles - ASL

Ok, another video, I just can't help myself.
This is the greatest.
My friend Bryton recently shared this gem and I can't stop watching it.
Maybe it's my love for ASL.
Maybe it's my passion for adoption.
Maybe it's because they remind me of my students in China.
Or maybe... it's just because it is the cutest thing ever.
Whatever it is, I love it.

These adorable littles were adopted from China by an American Family.  The 3-year-old (left) is Deaf and the 2-year-old (right) has partial hearing.  When they were adopted they had no language skills and now (just months later) they are flourishing.  Amazing. Sign language is amazing.  I think it's so so cute that the bigger brother his helping his little brother do the signs properly.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Underpants and Getting Healthy

Wow, I sort of just disappeared last week.  Oops.
I unexpectedly ended up with 7 children and blog time just couldn't fit in the schedule.
My mind was a little frazzled and this is how my Mason looked for an entire day.

Yup, those are underpants on his head.
I have no words.

I recently found this cute blog and my sisters and I started this "Get Healthy Challenge."
We're just not doing the weight loss part, we want to focus on the "getting healthy" aspect of it.
So far, I've really liked it.  It's always nice to have an extra motivation to be healthier.
Especially when all you want to do is sit and eat ice cream.

Well, right now I have a massive mound of laundry waiting to be folded so I'm going to attempt to tackle it.
See you tomorrow.