Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Advent Calendar

I've always wanted to make an Christmas advent calendar but have never gotten around to it.
Then this season I put some wrapped gifts under the tree and Mason has been dying of curiosity.  He asks every morning if it's Christmas yet so he can open the presents.
So, I decided that it's time. 
I decided that I needed an advent calendar so he can count down the days and know how many days left until Christmas.
I searched online and saw some I liked, like this one, this one, this one, and this one.
 We'll take down one each day and each card comes with an activity that we will do together as a family.

It started out as this...

And here it is now... 
(I flipped it around and used the back because I like the grooves on the sides.)

Activities include: 

Read a Christmas Book
Drink Hot Chocolate
Do a Christmas Craft
Organize a Service for a Neighbor
Make Christmas Sugar Cookies
Make a Showman
Go to Neighborhood Christmas Party 
Mail a Card to Someone Far Away
Drive Around to See the Fun Lights in Our Area
Wrap a Gift For Each Other
Go Sledding
Watch a Christmas Movie
Go Sit on Santa's Lap
Go to Temple Square to See the Lights
Make Gingerbread Houses
Wrap Presents For a Family in Need
Go Caroling for Grandmas and Grandpas
Drink Apple Cider
Go to Christmas Party at Grandmas
Make Snow Angels
Watch a Movie About the Birth of Christ
Make Christmas Pancakes
Color a Christmas Picture to Give to Someone Special
Eat Mexican Tamales and Open Pajamas
Celebrate and Open Presents!

Here's to a super fun December.
I love Christmas.


Amy said...

So adorable! Great job!

ahs said...

Once again, my amazing sister is at it again! Love it!!!

The Thomas Family said...

Way cute!!

Molly said...

This is ADORABLE. You are so talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!