Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bath Time

My boys and me after their bath time.
Man do these boys love their baths.
They would stay in all day if we'd let them.
And afterward, they love to be wrapped "like a burrito."

This is our "double burrito."

See the head-lock Mason's got Jimmy in?
That's supposed to be a hug.
He said "I really love Jimmy," just before the picture was taken.

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Molly said...

You guys are the cutest ever! I love this. Your blog is addicting. Could you make it not-so-addicting? That would really help.

bird and tree said...

awww super cute! Mine love bath time too! Love how sweet siblings can be with each other...especially brothers! Cute blog! Visiting from ETC!!!

in morse code said...

bath time is the best. a great little place where they can't destory, mess, or break anything. we love it at this house! Your boys are so cute. makes me excited for when myer gets a little older!

Erica! said...

this is precious! I love the headlock :)
Visiting from ETC