Thursday, November 10, 2011

TOP 10!!!

It was just announced that we're in the top 10 and we're in the running for the $500 grant to go toward our adoption!
The only problem is.....
We need to be in the TOP 3
By the end of the day Sunday.
Your $30 purchase could mean $500 toward our adoption!
Maybe you can do some of your Christmas shopping while helping us at the same time!

Be sure to check out all the cool things in the shop

and don't forget that for us to get credit for your purchase you need to select my name, Lizzie Barrett, from the Affiliates pull-down menu at check-out.

If you make a purchase (even if it's just $10) or help us by spreading the word, you can enter our giveaway!

Remember... if you don't see anything that you want to buy in the shop for yourself or for Christmas gifts for your friends and family there is another option...
Buy something for someone in need in Africa.
Did you know that buying ONE sheep will feed OVER 40 children?
So instead of going out to dinner, maybe you and your family can help feed and clothe hungry children who need some extra care and love.
Check out this link to see all the things you can buy for those in Africa.
This is a super neat option.

Thanks to all those that have helped us so far!

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Amy said...

Ah this is so exciting you have such good progress! I'm still spreading the word, GOOD LUCK!!!

and fyi my blog changed to