Monday, November 7, 2011


Want to know something really cool?
If you didn't see anything in the shop that you want to buy for yourself or someone you know personally,

You can buy something for a stranger that could use a little help.
Ordinary Hero gives you the option to buy items for people in Africa.

You can buy a donkey, a sheep, backpacks, a bible, aqua shoes for kids, fleece blankets, raincoats, or a combination package full of things for the children.
Isn't that neat?  Over the last year I have gotten to know a lot about Ordinary Hero and it is such an amazing program.

So head here if you would like to purchase an item for a far away friend.
And if you want more details about our fundraiser, click here.

Remember... we get 40% of all orders made in their online store (with my name, Lizzie Barrett, selected from the pull down menu at check-out, this is the only way we get credit for purchases) to go toward our adoption.
AND if we are one of their top 3 sellers by Sunday, we get an EXTRA $500 toward our adoption!

Don't forget about our GIVEAWAY that is still running through this week.

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