Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's time! AND TOP 8!

First, I'm not sure why so much of my text is highlighted in white.. it's weird.. but I don't have time to figure it out.
Second, we were e-mailed this morning and WE'RE STILL IN THE TOP 8!!!  
BUT.... we need to be in the TOP 3
So, if you haven't purchased anything for our cause and you're planning on it, 
The contest is over tomorrow night so please help us TODAY! 
If we win we get an extra $500 on top of the 40% we already receive from all sales purchased with my name selected from the Affiliates pull-down menu at check-out. (my name, Lizzie Barrett,  has to be selected at check-out for us to receive credit)
Remember.. there are lots of options for Christmas presents for others, for yourself, AND several things you can buy for those in need in Africa.  
How cool is it that you can feed 40 children in Africa by purchasing ONE sheep?  
Or help the women who walk barefoot with eucalyptus branches flung over their backs up and down hills by purchasing for them a donkey to help with their loads? 
You can also buy a backpack, aqua shoes for kids, fleece blankets, raincoats and combination packages of items for the children. 
These items will all be given to them when the next group goes over to Africa in March.
 (In case you're wondering... none of the money is used to pay for the volunteer's trips, they pay to go themselves and Ordinary Hero is nonprofit.) 


So head on over to the store and do some shopping and PLEASE don't forget that for us to get credit for your purchase you NEED to select my name, Lizzie Barrett, from the Affiliates pull-down menu at check-out.

Visit the shop here.

Big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped! 

We need all the help we can get and we are more grateful than you know!

If you've helped and you want to enter the giveaway on our blog click here.

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