Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween 2011

I hope your Halloween was as fabulous as ours.
My boys were thrilled about walking from house to house for candy.
So thrilled they didn't even notice that I ate most of the good stuff from their bags.
Someday they may react more like the kids in this video, but for now they don't notice and I love it.

What a little cheeser...

Just for fun here are some Halloween pictures from the last few years...


(Jimmy was still in the hospital and Davey wasn't dressed up so he took the picture)

As you can see, Mason was a tiger last year too. He had other options but insisted on being a tiger again.

Happy weekend everyone!
Don't forget about our fundraiser!!

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Molly said...

Ok this is SO awesome! I am so happy because I saw this post. I love the gnome Lizzie. haha!! Mason looks awesome too in his tiger. haha :) You are beautiful.