Friday, October 14, 2011

My baby's a bug killer...

It started out as an innocent observation.

They were curious about the little creature.

I thought it was cute so I quickly snapped some pictures.

Then he did it.

He stepped on it.

And as if that wasn't enough....

He wanted to finish the job with his ball.

I don't know where this boy came from. 

But he sure can rock a cute innocent look.

That's for sure.


Amy said...

So funny! We had the same incident involving a rolly polly the other day! ANyway I just saw your feature on Sugarbee and loved your tips! I can't agree enough about having your kids fed and rested prior to family pictures! I also hate when parents yell at their kids to behave and then tell them to smile. It is so importnat to have fun while taking family pictures! Great tips!
thanks alot! I think I'll create a link from my photography blog to that tip list- hope you don't mind!

Pest Control Portland said...

Your boys are brave boys, not afraid to kill that bug:-) So cute!