Saturday, October 15, 2011

40 Meals in 40 Days - Day 1

I grew up in a home with an incredibly domestic mother who also worked outside our home to support our huge family.

I remember coming home from school hungry, so ready to eat something. I would open the fridge and look through the cupboards and there was nothing to eat.  All we appeared to have was the very basics... butter, milk, flour...
Then, not too long later, my mother would get home from work and she would make a huge fancy meal for us, made out of things she found in the same fridge and cupboards that I wasn't able to find anything decent to eat in.
I hoped that someday I could be like her.
I wanted to learn how to cook meals like she could.  Out of seemingly nothing, she made something fabulous. Every day.
Then I got married.
And I realized....

That I don't like to cook.

I said it.
I don't like to spend hours in the kitchen just to make something that we are done eating in a few minutes (that is.. if I'm not sitting by my children for an hour trying to get them to eat just a few bites) and that I have to clean up afterward.
But, you see, I want to love to cook.

I want to have a home that always smells like my mother's home.. like a home cooked meal, made from scratch.
Don't get me wrong, I do cook, I just keep it really basic and easy for the most part. The problem with this is that the very quick and basic meals don't usually taste as good and they aren't as healthy.
So, I am going to spend the next 40 days (from now until the day before Thanksgiving) concentrating on cooking better meals and getting out of my comfort zone in the kitchen.

40 meals in 40 days.

I will share my experiences with you guys and let you know what I'm cooking.

Thanks to Pinterest and Allrecipes, yummy recipes are pretty easy to find.

Yeah... my food Pinterest board is twice as big as any of my other boards.  
I love food and I am going to love to cook it, even if it kills me.

For tonight...


Kadan, Trish, J, and Miles said...

I love this! Good luck on your new cooking adventure! I also learned that I don't like to cook after I was married. Anyways.. you are awesome, and I can't wait to see all the yummy stuff you cook up!!

Meg said...

This will be fun to read-I feel just like you! :) Have a great time with your adventure!

Dani & Jake said...

Yay! I love to cook i just don't always have the time.. Have you ever considered freezer cooking? I do that now most months and it saves SO much time. You basically cook for hours on one day and make up a bunch of meals, then freeze them. And then on the day you want it, you take it out and bake/cook/whatever without all the work :)

But please post your favorite recipes from this 40 days! and if you need any ideas - these are two of my most favorite food blogs:

Tiffany said...

I love cooking, but it can be time consuming! Most of the time I just make simple stuff based around using up our fresh fruits and veggies. Good Luck!

rebecca said...

oh i am so excited to follow your journey!