Saturday, October 22, 2011

40 Dishes in 40 Days - #6 - A SALAD!

My lovely sister introduced me to this salad and I LOVE it.
Forgive me in advance for not giving exact measurements as I just throw everything in.

Deluxe Salad

Chopped Romaine lettuce
Chopped apple peices
Chopped avocado
Chopped tomatoes
Chicken pieces (I just use my cooked, frozen chicken so I didn't have to prepare chicken just for this salad)
A little cilantro (this wasn't an original part of the recipe, I just love cilantro)
Poppy seed dressing 
(Briannas, Rich Poppy Seed Dressing is by far the best one I've tried)

This picture of the salad without the dressing definitely doesn't do it justice.


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Lacey Jay said...

Hey lizzie, thanks for leaving me your email... now I can link to your blog as well:) This salad looks SOO good! I didn't know you were a photographer as well. Your work is awsome!