Friday, September 30, 2011


This video is one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

It made me think back to all of my favorite memories.

What's your favorite memory?

I have two favorite memories that are so linked together that I'll share both,
But first I have to tell you what led up to them...
I found out I was pregnant, it would be our first baby and I was so excited.
A couple months passed and I lost that tiny baby.
I was no longer pregnant and I felt so empty and lost.  More so than I had ever felt in my life.

Later on I went to my doctor because of pelvic pain.  The doctor looked worried.  She believed my symptoms to be that of an ectopic pregnancy (when an egg implants itself somewhere other than the uterus, super dangerous) and told me that, after a quick ultrasound to be sure, I would need to rushed over to the hospital for surgery.

I was scared and hoped with all my heart that she was wrong.
I had already lost a baby and wasn't ready for something like this.
They took me to the ultrasound room and a minute after starting, the tech said, "Did you know you're 7 weeks pregnant?"

I didn't know what to say.
I was so excited.
And so scared.
I didn't want to go through another miscarriage.

Fast forward to the birth of my son Mason.
They handed him to me and he was so beautiful.
I did it.
He made it.


Kunz Family said...
have you seen this pampers commercial? It reminds me of you and I and a lot of people I know. Babies are miracles!

Amy said...