Saturday, July 23, 2011

Red Door

The girl that took our pictures last fall was having issues with her camera that day which made so we couldn't enlarge our images very big without them being all "spotty."
So, she told us that after she got her new camera in the mail, she would do another session, for no additional fee. (which I thought was super great)
So we did it again and here we are...

 Funny thing, that red door.
Before getting our pictures done I knew I wanted some of them taken by a colored door.
That's all I knew.
So I went out searching.  So did my Mama. And my Papa.
We all had our eyes out for a colored door.
Well, my Mama found it. At a house, where nobody lived because it was for sale. 
And it had vines, which I love even more than colored doors.
So the morning of the session we started our session there, hoping that nobody would yell and/or kick us off their property.
And they didn't.
So I was happy.

Isn't it a cute door?
I want to paint my front door but I'm not so sure Davey will go for that.
Maybe I'll just do it one day and see what he thinks when he gets home from work.

Happy weekend.

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rachel! said...

What a fabulous looking family!