Thursday, July 14, 2011

My goodness, He's 3.

Since when did I get old enough to have a 3 year old boy constantly asking me questions while assuming that I know everything?

 I swear he was just here, in my arms for the first time.

I miss baby Mason but I so love the things he is doing right now.

He is so curious and will ask anyone anything.

He recently asked me if I had a baby in my belly.  I told him that I didn't and he proceeded to point at my chest and say "Yes, Mama. You have two babies."

He has an irresistible giggle that makes anyone around him laugh right along with him.

He is fascinated by tiny babies.

He still calls his little brother a baby and when he is in an lovey mood he speaks to him using phrases like, "You're my bubba baby sweetheart" or "I love my bookie baby."

He loves animals.  He especially loves to imitate the growling ones.  His favorite one to imitate is the puma.  His growl is scary and startling. For real. I think the strangers in the grocery store are curious about my parenting when my 3-year-old boy just growls loudly at them when they tell him he's adorable.

He asks every day if he can go to his grandma's house.

He gets distraught if I squish an ant that has made it's way into our home.  "Mama, don't squish it! We need to take it outside!"

He loves going to nursery at our church.

He reminds me at the end of every day that we need to pray and read scriptures.

He still has no bum and is constantly pulling his pants up, it's becoming second nature.

He loves to watch Diego because he's an animal rescuer.

He and his little brother are chips and salsa lovers. You can't eat a plain tortilla chip without him reminding you that you forgot the salsa.

He loves any kind of ball and would play sports all day if he could.

He is a sweetheart who loves to hug and kiss and tell us that he loves us.

Lately, when we tuck him in at night and tell him that we love him, he giggles and says, "I love you more."

Man, I love this little boy.


Molly said...

I might cry. That was awesome Lizzie. I love it. Mason is such a sweetie.

The Mecham Family said...

He is a cutie pie!!

Cassie said...

So sweet. Beautiful pictures. We miss Mason. The other day, Gabriel called out, "Mason, where are you?"