Monday, May 16, 2011


I am drawn to stories about international/orphanage adoption.
Now that we are in the position of trying to adopt, I long to be able to adopt a child who really needs a family and doesn't already have so many families lined up, ready to take them home.
The international adoption route is just so expensive.
Maybe someday we will be able to afford to adopt one of these beautiful children who are so in need of both physical and emotional nourishment.
For now, I will help spread the word about a way you can help these children..

I have kept an eye on this program for quite some time and they truly are wonderful.
They provide aid all around the world (including here in the U.S.) to those who really need it.
If you would like to help.. go here to see how you can.


SmallTownJulia said...

Oh I know.. if adoption wasn't so expensive I'd adopt those poor tiny kids that need a good life! I think my husband would kill me cause I'd want to take them all!

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing.