Friday, April 15, 2011


We are really getting the adoption ball rolling now.
We have decided to adopt through LDS Family Services for our next sweet little one.
They only allow you to adopt through them if you already have 2 kids or less so this will be the only time we go through that agency.
So, for those of you that have been sending us adoption info, keep it coming.  We are always up for learning about people's experiences, about all the different agencies and I love to read as much as I can about adoption in general.
We still want a big family, with a bunch of little ones running around.
By "big" I do not mean my mamacita's idea of a big family, just several more than we have now.  Maybe someday I'll do a post on my family... hmm.. something to think about..
So, we'll keep chugging along, taking one step at a time, doing what we feel is best for our little family.
And right now that is filling out paperwork like crazy so we can be an active/"waiting" family through LDS Family Services.
I will do the best I can to record the process here for those interested.

In the mean time..

I nearly swallowed my gum when I saw these cute little things.

I don't know anything about the company that sells these shoes other than the fact that they are located here and they have quite the variety of adorables like those shown here.

**Please note that there has been a date change for one of our mini session days. We had a time conflict so.. there will be one in MAY now!
See this post for Mini Session details.


SmallTownJulia said...

Those little shoes are so cute! Have you ever looked on Etsy? The have TONS of cute stuff like that. I'm always tempted to buy that kinda stuff.

Natalie and Nathan said...

Those are pretty much the cutest boots ever!

Amy said...

Yeay congratulations!! So glad you are getting the ball rolling. And I LOVE those shoes!!