Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One fun blog.

Today my sweet friend Becca featured my play kitchen on her blog.

I was SO flattered when she asked me as her blog is one of the loveliest.
Seriously, it's definitely a favorite of mine.
Check her out here.
You won't be disappointed.
She is one of those people you secretly want to be more like
because she's spunky, sweet, unique and amazingly pretty all at the same time.


kenna said...

love the kitchen!

you don't know me, but i've come across your adoption blog. (the adoption world online is smaaall)

i do adoption spotlights every monday on my blog. i would love to spotlight your family.

we too went the adoption route, and it's worth it. we were placed in december with our little guy, harley.

if i can do anything to help, just ask.

kenna said...

ps. our little harley was born at 27 weeks, and although we were placed with him at 14 months, we KNOW he is a miracle.

as is your little guy.

Nic & Spence said...

Oh my gosh Liz, you're right. She is adorable! I love her blog! And yours too! I secretly stalk it all the time, and I've now decided to come out in the open and tell you that I LOVE your posts!