Monday, March 21, 2011

on being deaf.

Because of my degree and my connections with Deaf people, I get asked a lot of questions about my opinions on many different topics related to deaf people and the Deaf community, some of which I have a hard time answering.
Not because I don't understand them (for the most part) or know where I stand on each specific topic..
but because I am not the most eloquent person and I want to explain my thoughts the very best I can because there is already so much confusion and so many misunderstandings about Deaf people.
I LOVE what I have studied so far in college and I hope to someday continue my education in this area and go back for a master's degree.
Because of my love for this, I want to share with you a post from my friend Becca.
She is a fantastic writer and she successfully explained SO much in such a short post here.

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rebecca said...

aw. thanks dear.