Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Garland - And Contest!

I am one of 15 contestants participating in American Crafter.
I am so grateful that I was chosen as one of the 15 people to compete.
There are several rounds, each round has a theme that is announced Monday morning.
Contestants have to submit their projects by Thursday and Friday mornings they will be posted here.
You all have the weekend to VOTE.  Vote before Sunday at 8pm.  Monday morning results are announced.
Each week several contestants are eliminated.. 5 will be eliminated the first week!
I may not make it very far but I'm giving it a shot.

Here's what I have submitted for this round.
A Valentine garland.
I'm not really in a position to spend a ton of money on projects so..
It's simple.  But it's me.
I'm learning how to crochet so I decided to get some practice in by crocheting the rope to attach my hearts to.

I started out making a pattern for the hearts (tinfoil heart from another project) and making all the hearts the same..
but it looked totally not like me so I free-styled it instead.
Random heart shapes, stitches wherever..
Got a lot of help from my little creature. (as you can see...)


Amy said...

Love it! I'll be voting for you :).

The Dayleys said...

SO darling!! I love it!! I'll head on over and vote :)