Monday, February 28, 2011

March Goals

I like making goals. 
I love making lists and crossing things off those lists (even though the crossing off part doesn't always happen).
I get excited when the new year rolls around and everyone is making their resolutions and attempting at a fresh start.
At the start of the year I am also attempting a fresh start and even though in the back of my mind I always have several things I plan to accomplish by the end of the year, I do my resolutions a little differently.
I make monthly goals.
For me, making goals specific to what is going on in your life during that particular month is a lot more practical.
This way, I haven't given up half way through the year or am trying to cram and get everything in before the year ends.
I have 30ish days to accomplish the goals I have made before I make some new ones for next month.
I have just over 4 weeks to accomplish something challenging but practical. Something I know I can do if I work at it.
All in hopes that I will make some habits and improve my daily life.

This month I will share my goals with you.


Communicate with my little ones using ASL at least 50% of the day.

This is going to be a hard one.
Before they were born I planned on teaching them American Sign Language .  
Not just the basics like MAMA, MILK, or MORE.
I wanted them to know everything I know.
Come to find out, teaching another human being a language is harder than it seems!
I want them to be able to fully communicate with each other, myself, and the Deaf people they meet using a language other than English.
They know a lot of basic words but my plan was for them to know more than that.
So here goes...

Run in the morning.
Saucony Kilkenny XC 3 Flat
(side-note: I'm training for the Utah Valley Marathon (June) and I recently bought these minimalist running shoes and I'm LOVING them.)

I love to run because I love how I feel after.
Getting started is a different story.
Before I fall asleep at night I will set my alarm for a morning run and, as an attempt at getting just a few more minutes of sleep, I press "snooze." A million times.
Then my boys wake up and my husband leaves for work and I go throughout my day taking care of and playing with my boys, cleaning, editing photos and/or finishing projects all while wearing my running clothes, no makeup, and a bed-head pony-tail, trying to find that moment where I can get the motivation to get running squeeze a run in.
Luckily, I found a used treadmill on KSL for a great price so I have the option to run at home while my boys are either napping or playing with toys and books on the floor by me and/or whining and asking me over and over when I will be done.
Though it is great to have the treadmill option, most of you probably know much of a drag a run on the treadmill can be compared to an run outdoors, especially when you have little ones.
Well, if I didn't run outdoors in the morning I have lost my chance because it's too cold outside to run with the boys in the jogging stroller, not to mention they hate being squished in my one-baby running stroller,  and it's dark when Dave gets home and I don't run in the dark for safety reasons.
So... I desperately need to run in the mornings.
Doing this will help me always get my workout in, it will help me feel better about myself and my body, and I think it will make me more productive as I won't be trying to work my whole day around when I will go running.
This goal is for my sanity (as well as by boys').

Keep a clean house.

Overall I want to break away from my habit of being a stress case when I find out, with 5 minutes notice, that someone is coming over.
This month I will not let myself get behind on chores around the house.
This month I am going to master the art of spotlessness. 
Ever hear of those crazies people who love to clean and always have a spotless house?
Well, that is what I want to be this month. Maybe I'll make a habit of it.
Minus the toys. I am not going to go so overboard that my boys don't dare to play with their toys and be he the spunky boys that they are. 
We do have to live our lives and have fun.

There you have it.
Those are my goals for the month of March.
Now that I have typed this post they are starting to look a little hefty.
Hopefully I survive.
I'll let you know.

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The Reed Family said...

i love the signing time videos...I know it does teach just the basics but my boys learned alot from it and it definitely helped them communicate before they could really talk. One day (i don't know when) I really want to do an IRONMAN! Good luck with all your goals this month!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a monthly goal -- I always do the yearly resolution and by January 3rd they are out the window ;). I think your goals are awesome, especially the ASL goal - so wonderful that you can give that gift to your little ones.

Anonymous said...

Shoot -- that was from me -
Amy ;)

rebecca said...

love it! i think you should post your goals every month and then tell us how they went!

Cassie said...

WAHOO! I'm going to try to keep my house clean this month, too. Thanks for the inspiration.

Dani & Jake said...

thanks for the inspiration! Im trying with the ASL too but that is smart to make a month-by-month goal of it.. i think i will copy :) also, with the cleaning goal, i have been doing the same type of goal and i dont know if you have ever checked out but its wonderful. i dont do everything the way they do it but all my routines are adapted from their ideas and i have never stayed on top of my chores the way i do when i'm following their stuff. just an idea :)