Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hair Cutting Dreadfulness

I am not good at cutting hair. Not. At. All.
But I don't want to spend money on haircuts for my boys when they'll just need another hair cut in a month or so. 
So.... I am learning how to cut their hair... by practicing.... on them :)

I've learned that these boys will not sit still for more than a minute so I trapped them both in the tub (with no water-didn't want hair going down the drain).

Jimmy's face is a pretty good depiction of how it went.

These pics were taken with my phone because I was COVERED in hair and couldn't run get my camera without tracking hair all over my house.


Amy said...

Hahahahaha, final result please?

Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

Hi Lizzie, I am Belinda, flower-grower, jewellery-maker, mum to four, wishing you a wonderful thursday, and as Shannan has encouraged us to do, to remind you to "Live Brave"! With the amazing photos you take and the special plans you have for your family, I'm thinking you do already. Very best wishes from my little corner of England! xx

Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

Well, I do wish I'd watched the video of Jimmy before I left my comment, WOW!

What do I know about bravery, compared to you guys, you have walked the bravest of walks, and helped your tiny man through what must have been some terrifying times, and yet what radiates out is your joy and gratitude - you rock and can tell the world ALL about bravery.

Perhaps your name was above mine in Shannan's list, so that I can be another person who prays for your little guy, your miracle.

What a story you have, and what an incredible family. xx

Blessings said...

Hello,It's nice to meet you, thanks for the encouraging words left on my blog.
Now you might not find this statement as amusing as I, after I read your blog husband was a barber along time ago....LOL

Dani & Jake said...

Ha of course you can post that video! thats what its on there for :) isn't she hilarious? I swear she has like a phtographic memory or something.. but seriously- jimmy's face is probably the best thing ever in that picture hahah.

Jackie Champion said...

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