Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween.. finally.

This year I didn't have my camera with me much on Halloween so I was at the mercy of others when it came to rounding up pictures from Halloween weekend.

Growing up I always had the coolest mom in the neighborhood.  She was a spunky single mother of 13 children who always dressed up on Halloween.
As a matter of fact, I don't remember a year when she didn't dress up.  She made Halloween fun.
I think it's because of this that I like to dress up and make it more fun for my kids.
Mason is really into animals lately so..
This Halloween we were animals.

Me and my little bee and fluffy tiger.

My creepy but so comfortable Halloween shirt is from the Halloween Half Marathon my sister and I ran together on Saturday morning. 
The race was pretty entertaining.  There were so many hilarious costumes. 
Here we are before the race. 

These are my parents. Seriously.
Luckily my mother married someone who likes to dress up almost as much as she does.

My happy bee and his grandma.

Daddy was a puppy (after some prodding from myself.)  It was kind-of a last minute thing but Mason LOVED it.
Here's daddy and the bee at the trunk-or-treat that had to be moved indoors at the last second due to the rain.

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Hannah said...

oh my goodness. You and your kids are adorable!