Monday, September 20, 2010

Question for you..

I am in need of some input from readers, if there are any out there.
I am debating on combining my photo blog and family blog into one.  
What do you think? 
Would you be interested in seeing both photo sessions and random family stuff on one blog or is it better to have them separated?
Thank you.

For now here is my family blog..
and here is my photo blog.


Mandy said...

One of my favorite blogs, Under the Sycamore by Ashley Ann, is a photo/family/craft combo. But I can see benefits for having them separate - so I'm no help. Good luck deciding!

Caroline said...

I think you should!!!

Escalante Family said...

I think it could go either way. I currently follow your photography blog. It would probably be easier for you to combine, but would that require you to "edit out" some of the things you normally post on your family blog?

ahs said...

I love both of your blogs. My vote is that you combine them. I love that you are simple with your posts...never to heavy or meaty, not overly much to look at so it's not a huge time commitment for readers--i think people will feel like they can just bop in without having to carve out a chunk of time before they can look. i think this simplicity will gradually increase your blog traffic. i also think it will be a load-lifter for you. and that will give you more time to create. also, i love that your family blog is not private anymore. i know i've mentioned that before. i love simplicity. i also love your style and your art. you are an amazingly talented girl.