Monday, May 12, 2014

"Taking Risks on Other People"

A phone pic of my littlest babes at the doctor's office.  She just can't resist him.

Having just celebrated Mother's Day, I have been thinking about my children and what kind of mother I want to be for them.  What do I want them to take away from their childhood?  I recently watched the clip below and loved it.  It applies perfectly with my thoughts on motherhood and what I want my kids to learn from me.

But, before I get to the clip, I wanted to jot down a few of the main hopes I have for my kids...

I want them...
 value their relationships with other people and with God.
 want to help people--to have a desire to leave places better than they found them.
 value hard work.  Great things rarely happen to people who idly wait for them to happen. Be proactive.
 love. I mean, really LOVE people. Care about them, despite their differences.
 always look for the positive, in situations and in others.  Life can get tricky and I think positive thinking and finding the good is key to living a happy life.

A quote from the clip below:
"I think it's important for my kids to learn how to work hard.  But more importantly, I really want them to understand that when they live a life focused on helping others, they're going to find fulfillment.  They're going to find much more happiness than [with a] McMansion in the suburbs."

Friday, May 9, 2014

4 Babes

We're a family of SIX now.  
I haven't yet blogged about our new babe that was born 4 months ago.  Post about that coming soon.
Here are some recent pics of my fam, taken on Easter.

Life is crazy busy these days. With 4 kids--ages 5 and under, I don't have a whole lot of time to blog--or time to do anything for that matter.  But, I am going to try to do better at updating.  Starting now. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

101 in 1,001

On a note unrelated to the rest of this post, I finally put a few things in the "About Me" section of this blog. Took me long enough.

For a while I have been working on a list of 101 things that I would like to accomplish in the next 1,001 days and I started working toward accomplishing them on March 1st.
(I still have a few more goals to come up with but I will fill them in in the next little while)
I already have a bucket list of things that I am working toward accomplishing (and a few that I have accomplished) in my lifetime.  But, I think doing this "101 things in 1,001 days" will help me to accomplish some of my smaller goals. 
I am excited about being more proactive with the things I want to accomplish in the next couple years! My friend, Karen, did this recently and she inspired me to start my own list.
Some of these goals are easy and small and some will take much more effort.
My goal with this is to not only focus on the big things that I want to do, but the little things that will help enrich my life and help me to strengthen my relationships with those around me.

A pic from my phone of me and my girl, just because every post need at least one picture and I don't have time to find a pic taken by my regular camera at the moment.

I plan to come back to this post and mark off (and possibly post about and link to) the things as I accomplish them.

101 things in 1,001 days
March 1, 2014 - November 26, 2016

1.  Run a race in a state that I haven't run in before.
2.  Explore someplace new in my town.
3.  Learn to play a song on the piano.
4.  Run a Dirty Dash, Tough Mudder or Color Run (or similar fun race).
5.  Read the Book of Mormon like a novel (in a month or less).
6.  Do Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred
7.  Crochet something
8.  Take a family road trip
9.  Host a game night
10.  Go camping
11.  Take a flower arranging class
12.  Volunteer in a soup kitchen
13.  Visit every LDS temple in Utah
14.  Watch all of the Harry Potter movies
15.  Get at least 300,000 steps in a month (an average of 10,000/day).
16.  Explore a city I've never been to.
17.  Get a pedicure
18.  Write an official will
19.  Take the kids on a picnic in the mountains
20.  Become CPR certified
21.  Organize my hard drives
22.  Write in my journal at least 1/month for a year
23.  Start journals for my kids
24.  Bake a batch of bread
25.  Read 12 books, for my own enjoyment
26.  Find out my blood type
27.  Work toward and do 5 pull-ups in a row
28.  Do "gratitude time" with my family every day for a month.
29.  Pay for the person behind me in a drive-thru
30.  Attend the temple every week for 3 months
31.  Record my mother singing songs from my childhood
32.  Make a new flavor of homemade ice cream
33.  Try at least 3 new restaurants
34.  Don't bite my nails for a month
35.  Work on my ASL by signing a story or song that challenges me
36.  Write down 100 things I love about my Davey
37.  Rollerblade with Mason
38.  Cook dinner for someone who needs it
39.  Take a picture/video every day for 30 days and put it together somehow
40.  Spend no more that 10 min/day on the computer for a month
41.  Go to a water park with my family
42.  Watch the sun set
43.  Watch the sun rise
44.  Sew something
45.  Create a font of my handwriting
46.  Write letters to myself to read in 5, 10, and 20 years
47.  Swim in the ocean
48.  Write a letter to each of my kids
49.  Go on a weekend trip with my sisters
50.  Attend a photography workshop
51.  Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it for a month
52.  FINISH 5 things I've pinned on Pinterest
53.  Finish writing Nora's adoption story
54.  Do a random act of kindness
55.  Attend a comedy show
56.  Fly kites with the kids
57.  Finish sewing my kitchen curtains
58.  Play in the rain with the kids
59.  Organize our filing cabinet
60.  Get up-to-date with family albums
61.  Go to the Kennecott Copper Mine
62.  Teach the boys to sign the ABC's
63.  Set aside alone time with each child, every week for a month
64.  Throw a surprise party
65.  Bake a pie
66.  Put together 72-hour emergency kits for the family
67.  Make a "day-in-the-life" video of my family
68.  Go to the zoo with the family
69.  Take the kids to a museum that we haven't been to before
70.  Make something with the apples from our trees
71.  Make strawberry jam
72.  Climb a mountain
73.  Lay wood chips in our backyard
74.  Clean out our basement
75.  Plant new perennial flowers in my yard
76.  Go fishing with Davey and the kids
77.  Personal Goal
78.  Take kids for a bike ride in our bike trailer
79.  Collect sea shells with the kids
80.  Write a family mission statement
81.  Carve a pumpkin
82.  Work toward and be able to do 50 straight push-ups
83.  Sleep under the stars
84.  Run another half marathon
85.  Run another marathon
86.  Do a blog post 3x/week for a month
87.  Travel to visit one of my siblings in another state
88.  Attempt to make sopes
89.  Fold and put away laundry the day it's washed, for a whole month
90.  Go to a play
91.  Read the Doctrine and Covenants
92.  Make homemade pizza
100.  Make another list
101. Save $20/goal accomplished, to go toward something meaningful

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


My sister and I took our kids to see Santa the other day.
We both have 3 kids who are close in age so it's so fun to get them together.

My kids and Santa.

My sister's kids and Santa.

I can't believe Christmas is in a week!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Underwear Purse

I am going to go ahead and pretend that I have been blogging consistently this year and just start posting.
If I try to catch up, I never will, so here are some pictures from this morning.

She is the funniest little girl.  She is getting such a spunky personality and making us laugh every day.
She is all girl. She loves to have her hair brushed, to be admired in her outfits every morning, and if she finds a purse, she wears it on her arm proudly.  She is a little confused as to what constitutes a purse though, as she thinks her brothers' underwear has the same purpose.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


I'm a little emotional today.
My oldest baby had his first day of kindergarten.
Good heavens, how did he get so big?
He was SO excited to go.  Yesterday was the first day in history that he has ever asked me when he would get to go to sleep. He wanted bed time to come soon so he could wake up and go to school. 

Once he got there, he was a little shy. 

My kids are getting so big.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Most Unexpected Surprise

Man, I have really been absent from this blog for a while!
We had a little surprise happen in our family....

Baby #4 is on it's way, via my belly this time, and is due to arrive in January 2014.
We couldn't be more excited... and nervous... and surprised... and scared... and thrilled....
We had quite the journey after our Jimmy was born and we're just praying things go a little more smoothly this time around.
Just to answer a few of the questions we have been getting a lot:
I am considered "high risk" this time but that is alright, we are taking precautions and doing what we can to keep this baby and I safe.  I do have to do the blood thinning shots twice each day which isn't fun but maybe I will be a pro by the end of this pregnancy and the shots will become easy... maybe....

Our boys are so excited. Of, course Nora is oblivious to what's going on but we are SO excited for her to have a sibling so close in age. Our little sweetie could not possibly be any sweeter and will be such a darling big sister.

Mason already prays a lot for this new little one, here is a prayer he said the other day at dinner.

"Dear Heavenly Father,
Please bless that we can have a great food,
And please bless that mama can have a great baby in her belly.
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

Ha, his prayers are the best.